Jampack Vol. 3: Don't Sweat the Technique

They wanna know how many rhymes have I ripped and wrecked but researchers never found all the pieces yet. Scientists try to solve the context, philosophers are wondering what's next.

Here we have a collection of podcast epidodes and YouTube videos I found either helpful or interesting, to be added to as I go along. I decided to put this here to acknowledge my debt to one particular podcast and a few different YouTubers.

Podcast Episodes

Acid Horizon - Althusser's Concept of Ideology: A Discussion with Anthony Gavin
Acid Horizon - The Case for Becoming-Plant: Karen Houle on Plant Ontology and the Image of Thought
Acid Horizon - The Anarchism and Philosophy of Max Stirner
Acid Horizon - The Limit of the Useful: Bataille, War, and Fascism
Acid Horizon - Georges Bataille's Notion of Expenditure
Acid Horizon - Inner Experience: Bataille Contra Hegel in "Torture"
Acid Horizon - Hegel: The Case for Contradiction with Todd McGowan
Acid Horizon - Who is 'Dark Deleuze'?: A Discussion with Andrew Culp
Acid Horizon - Who is 'Bad Badiou'? (with Andrew Culp and Alexander Galloway)
Acid Horizon - Elements of Control: An Introduction to Cybernetics with Nick
Acid Horizon - Postcapitalist Desire: The Final Lectures of Mark Fisher
Acid Horizon - Interrogating Marx's 'The Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844'
Acid Horizon - "What is Metaphysics?" - Analyzing Heidegger's Seminal Lecture at Freiburg
Acid Horizon - Imposter Syndrome and Philosophy: Thinking with Gilles Deleuze and Mark Fisher
Hermitix Podcast - Metamodernism: The Future of Theory with Jason Josephson Storm
Hermitix Podcast - The Philosophy of Georges Bataille with Tim Themi and Adam Lovasz
Hermitix Podcast - Aztec Philosophy with James Maffie
Hermitix Podcast - Bataille, Lacan, and the Real with Tim Themi
Hermitix Podcast - Weird Mysticism: Bataille, Cioran, and Ligotti with Brad Baumgartner
Metamodern Spirituality - The Future of Theory (w/ Jason Ānanda Josephson Storm)
Zer0 Books and Repeater - 'How to Read Like a Parasite: Why the Left Got High on Nietzsche' with Daniel Tutt
Zer0 Books and Repeater - Bataille: Nietzsche or Communism? An Interview with Stuart Kendall
Zer0 Books and Repeater - Cybernetics and the Left: Communist Synergy or Capitalist Machines?
Zer0 Books and Repeater - The K-Files presents 'Robin Mackay: A CCRU Retrospective'

Video Essays, Documentaries, Lectures

Bruno Oliviero - Althusser - An Intellectual Adventure
Red Pen - The Life and Thought of Louis Althusser
Felix Greene - One Man's China
INA Archives - Georges Bataille: Literature and Evil
Acid Horizon - A Reading of Georges Bataille's The Solar Anus
Acid Horizon - Concepts in Focus: Bataille's Metaphilosophy
Esoterica - Georges Bataille - Sacrifice, the Accursed Share and the Gnosticism of Base Materialism
Esoterica - Spinoza - Rationalist Atheist or Mystical Pantheist? Exploring Spinozism from Toland to Deleuze
Esoterica - Corpus Hermeticum - Introduction to Hermes Trismegistus & Hermetic Philosophy
Let's Talk Religion - What is Hermeticism?
Rick Roderick - Baudrillard - Fatal Strategies
Rick Roderick - Heidegger - The Rejection of Humanism
Rick Roderick - Nietzsche and the Eternal Recurrence
Michael Sugrue - Heidegger: Being and Time
Michael Sugrue - Hegel's Philosophy of History
Michael Sugrue - Hegel - The Phenomenology of Geist
Cuck Philosophy - A Heideggerian Analysis of Studio Ghibli's Films
Cuck Philosophy - Hellraiser, Bataille and Limit Experiences
The Living Philosophy - The Philosophy of Martin Heidegger
Overthink Podcast - Heidegger on Anxiety and Dasein
Epoch Philosophy - Martin Heidegger: Being and Time
Epoch Philosophy - Martin Heidegger: the Question Concerning Technology
Bob Cluness - Step Into the Pandemonium: Breathing Life Into the CCRU's Invented Magical Traditions
Urbanomic with Amy Ireland - Cultivating Darkness: Book Launch for Revolutionary Demonology
Ian Wright - Marx on Capital as a Real God