Selections from Per Dead Ohlin

These are by no means unedited, I reorganized them a little bit for better reading. As someone who struggles with my mental health, I find Dead's lyrics oddly comforting and relatable. I haven't found anything else in black metal quite like them.

Rest in Peace, January 16th, 1969 - April 8th, 1991

Everything here is so cold,
everything here is so dark,
I remember it as from a dream
in this corner of time.
Diabolic shapes float by
out from the dark.
I remember it was here I died
by following the freezing moon.
Eternity opens,
The cemetary lights up again.
As in ancient times
fallen souls die behind my steps
by following the freezing moon.

Every time this year
this dark fog will appear.
Up from the tomb it comes
to take one more life that can be near.
Once again the priest is missing.
From a place empty of life
only dead trees are growing here.
As it comes from afar
only dead trees are growing here.

Woeful people with pale faces
staring obsessed at the moon.
Some memories will never go away
and they will forever be here.

Tell me - what did you see there,
in the darkness of the past?

Many years have passed since the funeral.
So many years, ages ago.
No one knows my grave,
buried by time and dust.

Condemned to wander, until it comes
to the cruelest snake that crawls.

I am a mortal, but am I human?
How beautiful life is when my time has come.
What will be left of me when I'm dead?
There was nothing when I lived.