About Me

A thousand greetings. My name is Erik Vildsvin, I'm an aspiring writer residing in Lynna City. I mostly study philosophy in my spare time and it's slowly but surely become my all consuming interest. I've begun this little blog to post digitized notes, writings both objective and personal, and to track my philosophical development as I go through these years surrounded by friends and enemies alike. I think of this website as an interactive tombstone, so that one day when I'm dead people can look through here and see what was important to me and what I'd like to remembered for. As far as general interests go, other than philosophy I enjoy anime, video games, and more music genres than I can keep in my head at once. If I'm lucky, I'll get to write about these things with a combination of what I consider to be adequate philosophical clarity and glittering literary excess. If I'm able to make you as excited and as curious about the subjects I'll be covering on my website, I'll consider my job well done, so thank you very much for taking the time to look around if you decide to keep looking.

When you look through my bookshelf you'll notice that there's not as much there as I'd like! I hope that I can convey in my writings that the purpose of this website isn't for me to stand on a digital podium to sermonize to you about serious subjects, but that the purpose is that we'll be growing together and learning together should you decide to keep reading. I claim no absolute expertise in the field of philosophy and I hope this website makes learning more about my chosen subject all the more rewarding.

Excuse all the blood, cheers!

Feel free to email me to get in contact or chat if you'd like.